Samsung Galaxy A5 Rooting instructions

Samsung Galaxy A5 is selling very well in developing nations as it sports a removable battery and premium looks. But instructions on how to root are not available, so we have made them available on 1) Go to settings and Enable USB debugging in developer settings. 2) Download the KingRoot 4.0 apk in the

Galaxy Alpha: Maximize Battery life using this ROM

CrDroid is a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha that helps you maximize battery life and maintain utmost stability. It is based on Cyanogen Mod for Galaxy Alpha and also has some ingredients from Slim Roms, AOSPA, Omni Rom and so on. Installation: before flashing, full backup including efs partition is necessary. if you switch

Download WhatsMapp Solo for Galaxy S6 Edge

WhatsApp comes pre installed in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. While this sounds fair for the normal user, the advanced users that use WhatsApp Mods were not so happy about it as third party whatsapp modifications could not be installed. However WhatsMapp Solo lets you install any Mod. Here is its feature list: * NEW mod

Download SIM Unlock of Samsung Galaxy SL i9300

In this tutorial we will guide you how to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy SL i9300 the easy way. This is useful for those who want to resell their phone and need to unlock it before they sell it. Or you bought a second hand phone but you found that it has been blocked by

T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Overclocking and under clocking guide

Own a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 and looking how to overclock or under clock it? Well we have got you covered. Before you begin, you need to have a T-Mobile specific Galaxy S6 and by that I mean either G920T or G920W8. To overclock the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 you must have a custom recovery installed

Galaxy S5 Mini TWRP custom recovery now available

Recovery for the Exynos version of Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is now available. It should be noted that this recovery will trip your Knox counter and your warranty will be void after this. Galaxy S5 Mini TWRP custom recovery installation steps STEP 1 : -Download and setup ADB drivers for your device can be found

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is miniature version of Galaxy S5. Unlike Galaxy S4 Mini, the S5 Mini does not have a lot of compromises. It looks and feel great. SM-G800F for Europe SM-G800A for AT&T SM-G800HQ for Turkey SM-G800H for USA SM-G800M – for LATAM SM-G800R4 – US Cellular SM-G800Y – New Zealand Type    Super

Galaxy S5 ROM for Samsung Pocket Neo

An XDA user has ported the Samsung Galaxy S5 ROM to the Galaxy Pocket Neo. The ROM is completely bloat free and only 177 MB RAM is consumed after a fresh soft reset. The ROM is very fast, smooth and battery friendly. The ROM has S5 lookalike Wallpaper, Icons, Launcher and UI Sounds and has