Permissive Kernel for Galaxy J2: J200G kernel

Permissive kernel is available for the Samsung Galaxy J2 and we have tested it on the J200G android phone. The kernel is working just fine. Here are the features of this permissive kernel: * Permissive by default * All the governors enabled * Root restriction removed * DriveDroid Compatible How to install the permissive kernel:

Galaxy J2 Debloated ROM: Samsung J200G bloatware free ROM

It is not an unknown fact that Samsung puts in a lot of bloatware into their phones. One way of removing bloatware from the Galaxy J2 J200G is by rooting and uninstalling the system applications. Second way of getting rid of them by installing a debloated ROM for Galaxy J2 android phone. This ROM is

Android 4.4.1 ROM for Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ is an old phone but you can get it up to date by installing this android firmware which will bump it to android 4.4.1. The only requirement is that you will need to have Galaxy V SM-G313HZ CWM custom recovery onboard as that is required for installing a custom ROM like

Do Android Phones require Antivirus software?

Android is the most popular operating system of smartphone arena. More than 80 percent of the total smartphones out there run this open source software. Almost all Samsung Galaxy phones run android too. In the past couple of years, due to its popularity and market penetration, a lot of malware and harmful applications have popped

Download Android 7 Nougat ROM for Galaxy J5

AOSP ROM called AOSP Extended ROM that is based on Android 7 nougat is available for the Samsung Galaxy J5 2015. And this means that this Android 7 ROM is without Samsung’s touchwiz user interface which is notorious for slowing down the phone. AOSP provides smooth and lag free experience out of box. Here is