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iOS 10 Emoji on Galaxy S4 or any android phone

This iOS 10 Emoji mod has been tested on Galaxy S4 running kitkat but it might run just fine on android marshmallow and lollipop. iOS emoji are different from what you get on a Samsung android phone. If you want to have the original emojis from iOS10 and not the ones from Samsung, there’s a

Download Galaxy J5 2015 TWRP custom recovery

Xda developers have made the Galaxy J5 2015 twrp custom recovery available for download and this means Galaxy J5 2015 users will be able to flash galaxy j5 custom firmware and all sorts of galaxy j5 hacks. To flash it, use ODIN. I used this v3.09 to flash it. Wait, we are not done yet

Download Android 6 marshmallow ROM for Galaxy Ace 4

Android 6 marshmallow firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 is here and it allows you to enjoy the latest android features. Gapps are not included in the ROM. The ROM is based on latest cyanogen mod 12 firmware that is basically android 6 marshamallow but since it is CM12, you will not find Samsung

Galaxy Ace 4 TWRP recovery

Galaxy Ace 4 TWRP recovery will allow users to download and flash custom firmware and all sorts of hacks. Installing it will void the warranty of your phone. Download link is present at the bottom of this article. You will need an micro SD cad to flash it as the process requires you to copy

Download Galaxy Ace 2 Custom Recovery

Custom recovery for the Samsung galaxy ace 2 is now available for download. It is actually PhilZ touch recovery that is touch friendly version of the Galaxy Ace 2 and is a proven recovery for many phones out there. You can even take screenshots on it – just slide left to take one. Here are

Download Galaxy S7 Debloater: remove bloat from S7

Debloater tool to remove all sorts of bloat from your Samsung Galaxy S7 is now available for download, courtesy of XDA developers. This will even remove the touch wiz user interface and replace it with free version of Nova launcher. So if you are used to Nexus phones and want to remove all the crap

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge all black theme

Both Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge come with super AMOLED displays that consume very less power if all black color is used. Samsung is in fact using this technology for displaying useful information when the phone is locked. That said, you can save a lot of battery life if you use the all

Download Galaxy Camera GC 100 Custom Recovery

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC-100 is now discontinued and so is the support and firmware updates. But you can put a fresh new life into it by flashing custom ROM on it. For this you will require GC-100 custom recovery. This will allow you to flash custom firmwares and all sorts of tweaks available online that