Download Odexed Stock Galaxy S6 ROM

A full stock odexed ROM is available for download for the Samsung Galaxy S6 android phone. It has no modifications on the applications and framework.

Download Odexed Stock Galaxy S6 ROM

Here are the features of it – Adam Kernel; Large APN list; Debloated; Root and Busybox; All supported languages; Auto wipe cache and dalvik-cache; Call recording; No SMS on Call logs; Call button on Call logs; Camera shutter sound; RTL support on email App; Camera during Call and Private mode supported

Installation instructions for the Odexed Stock Galaxy S6 ROM

Copy the Zip file to Internal sdcard
Flash it through Galaxy S6 TWRP recovery
Reboot to Bootloader
Flash the Modem and Bootloader file through Odin/AP (It is a must for Android 5.1.1)
Reboot and enjoy

As said earlier, this ROM is also debloated, so Whatsapp, some Facebook apps, Microsoft apps and few other Apps are missing. If you need them, they can be downloaded from the PlayStore.

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