Download WhatsMapp Solo for Galaxy S6 Edge

WhatsApp comes pre installed in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. While this sounds fair for the normal user, the advanced users that use WhatsApp Mods were not so happy about it as third party whatsapp modifications could not be installed. However WhatsMapp Solo lets you install any Mod.

Download WhatsMapp Solo

Here is its feature list:

* NEW mod to hide date and time while copying messages.
* Translations for around 10 languages added. (A big thanks to all the contributors!)
* NEW mod to change notification icon color. (Currently only for non-Lollipop devices)
* In-call UI improved for Lollipop users.
* NEW app launcher icons added. (A big thanks to all the people on community who created these icons.)
* NEW call activity indicators on Calls tab on Home Activity.
* Fixed tab indicator not showing bug.
* Fixed FAB staying open even after pressing a button.
* NEW Changed UI of Visual Mods.
* NEW Color picker with HSV, HEX and RGB.
* NEW Mod to theme almost all the activities throughout WhatsApp with Universal Mod.

* Freeze Last seen
* Hide Blue tick
* Hide Double tick
* Hide typing..
* Change Icon
* ActionBar color changing
* Navigationbar color changing (Lollipop Only)
* StatusBar color changing (Lollipop only)
* Fastest Mod of WhatsApp
* AntiBan code added

How to install WhatsMapp:

1- Open the Original Whatsapp (pre-installed)
2- Go to settings → Chat settings → Back up Chats (do this 2-3 times)
3- Restart you phone (just to make sure you backups are saved)
4- Back up Chats (one more time)
5- Close Whatsapp from Recents and Turn off WIFI & Mobile DATA (in order not to receive new messages)
6- Now, Go to Settings (the phone settings) → Applications → Whatsapp → Disable
7- Install WhatsMapp SOLO apk
8- Verify your number
9- Restore Chats from Backup
10- BAM!! Here you have a Whatsapp MOD with all Privacy MODS! (Hide Last seen, Hide Blue ticks, etc…)

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