iOS 10 Emoji on Galaxy S4 or any android phone

This iOS 10 Emoji mod has been tested on Galaxy S4 running kitkat but it might run just fine on android marshmallow and lollipop. iOS emoji are different from what you get on a Samsung android phone. If you want to have the original emojis from iOS10 and not the ones from Samsung, there’s a way to do it if you have root.

iOS 10 Emoji on Galaxy S4

Here is how to do it.

- download this and this and extract files.
- copy the font to /system/fonts/ and replace the one inside. (root explorer is recommended for this)
- Change the permissions of the font file to rw-r–r–
- Reboot the device

You can do this mod by simply using this app from play store. Just make sure you have rooted your Galaxy S4.

This mod is working on S4, S4 Google Edition, HTC M8, Note 3, LG G2, Galaxy S 5, AOSP SlimBean 4.4.2, AT&T Goldeneye v26, Omega etc.

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