Samsung Galaxy Mini news articles reviews and coverage.

Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus S5570i

Galaxy Pop Plus is a lightweight Android powered device. The device supports GSM, which is missing in Galaxy Pop i559. Pop S5570i misses out on provision for video calling. Though the device comes with Froyo, it can be upgraded to Gingerbread. The screen resolution is not easy to get impressed by. The battery life is

Samsung R910 Galaxy Indulge

Samsung Forte aka Galaxy Indulge is a CDMA only device from MetroPCS. The first Android device from MetroPCS has a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The call quality is quite nice, but the phone seems a little expensive. The battery life is not exciting enough. The phone is not suitable for video calling  as there is

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

Samsung Galaxy Fit is a lightweight Android powered device. The phone is quite easy to work on, since it has an option to directly access the task manager. Also, the camera quality is descent enough, but lacks flash. But the battery life isn’t that satisfactory. The browser has no flash support and the internal memory

Samsung Galaxy mini 2 S6500

Mini 2 S6500 is an Android powered device. The device comes  with Android 3.6. The AMOLED display comes with multitouch and accelerometer, but is not scratch resistant. There is no front camera, so those wanting to do video calls can avoid this phone. The rear camera neither has flash nor auto focus.  It is available

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570

Galaxy Mini, better known as Galaxy Pop in India, is aimed at the lower end of the market. The phone is not expensive at all, when we compare it with the features it offers. Social networks like Facebook are integrated well and the phone is quite user friendly. But what is not worth is the

Samsung Galaxy Pop i559

Samsung Galaxy Pop i559 is a CDMA only device that comes with  Android 2.2 OS. It has 800 Mhz processor and TFT capacitive amazing touchscreen. The phone is not heavy to carry at all. Missing features include camera flash, front camera and good battery life. The battery cannot sustain long hours of web surfing. Internal