Best Applications to Install on Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab series have been a driving force for Samsung Electronics Co. in term of its revenue. During 2011, the company exceeded over $40 billion, undoubtedly with a significant proportion pertaining to the Android-powered tablets. However, in Germany, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 experienced a slowdown in sales, in 2011 due to a case filed by Apple Incorporated to ban the product.

Although Apple won by blocking the sales of the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country, it failed to get a preliminary ban of the modified Samsung Galaxy 10.1N and Galaxy Nexus mobile phone from the Munich Regional Court. The Galaxy Tab 10.1N is the modified version of the original Samsung tablet PC and today, it is garnering an audience in Germany. If you’re planning to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N or you own it and thinking of the best application to showcase the feature of your tablet then you’re on the right page. Listed below are the best applications to install on your Samsung tablet.

Aside from playing games, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N also provide users the convenience of managing their daily emails, presentations, and notes by installing Quickoffice Pro HD. Essentially a cloud-based office suite, users hook up their Google Docs, MobileMe, or Box accounts to Quickoffice, and then they can create an access and share Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents. Quickoffice also comes with voice recognition, so if users prefer dictating blocks of text then they’ll enjoy this great feature. While users keep their tablets without case, we recommend getting a nice case for your Samsung tab as it will protect them against scratches.

Same goes for the Galaxy Gear that people use with their Galaxy S-series. When you are using not your Galaxy Gear, we suggest keeping it in case. Video editors can also enjoy their Galaxy Tab 10.1N by installing Android Movie Studio. Unveiled in 2010, the first video editing package for the Android is extremely exciting. It has fewer features than Windows Live Movie Maker and iMovie. However, the fact that you can capture a video on your Android device, edit it straight away, and upload the video immediately to YouTube really brings a new meaning to “in-camera edit.”

The decision of the German court ruling against the ban order for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N came as another blow to Apple, which was in the midst of several lawsuits with rival smart phones such as Motorola and other tablet makers over intellectual property. Despite the drawbacks of its original version, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N continues to garner the interest of gadget users and enthusiasts in Germany.

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