Converting VOB files to MP4 for Galaxy Phones

VOB file format is used by DVD media files that contain digital audio and video along with subtitles and menus. Playing the VOB file on a mobile device is not easy and often requires you have a third party application which are not very reliable. That is why one should convert the VOB files into something that is more widely supported, like MP4. MP4 file format is naively by not only mobile devices like iPhone, Android (including Samsung Galaxy) and windows phone but also desktop operating systems like Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Converting VOB files to MP4

The best way to convert vob to mp4 is by using a video conversion app such as Movavi video converter. While there many applications that do this job, they are not as fast and user friendly as this one. Movavi developers have coded this app to use every single resource available of your computer to ensure the conversion time does not take a lot of time. The app makes use of your dedicated GPU (if your computer has one) and if it has Nvidia CUDA compatible GPU, then the conversion process is even faster. And the best part is Movavi video converter is available is both Mac and PC.


Installation is straight forward and seemless. After installation has completed, start the app and click on the “Add DVD” button to start adding your VOB files. You can add multiple files as it supports batch file conversion. Then from the “Convert to” drop down menu, select MP4 720p format. This implies that we want to convert the VOB files to MP4 files in 720p format which is high definition.


Just below is the destination field that shows where the final converted files will be stored. If you do not specify one, the default one will be used which is the same as input folder. You can now click on the Convert button to start the conversion process. After it has completed, output folder will open. You can now play with the converted files or transfer them to mobile device. In case, you are an iPhone or iOS device user, simply drag and drop the converted files to the iPhone icon in iTunes.


The Movavi video converter comes with other great features like audio and image file converter that lets you convert the audio and image files to other formats by clicking few buttons. You can also extract audio from a video file. Simply specify an audio codec instead of video codec in the “Convert to” field to do this.

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