Do Android Phones require Antivirus software?

Android is the most popular operating system of smartphone arena. More than 80 percent of the total smartphones out there run this open source software. Almost all Samsung Galaxy phones run android too. In the past couple of years, due to its popularity and market penetration, a lot of malware and harmful applications have popped up all over the internet and chances of your android or Samsung phone getting infected with one of these is quite high.

avg antivirus android

Smartphone is now part of everyone’s daily life and one cannot risk losing importation data, PIM information or media files due to a malware or harmful application. We tested out many antivirus for android phones and found the AVG antivirus to be the best. We loved it because providing anti virus protection is just one of its many features.

We love that the fact that AVG antivirus has been designed for both android phones and tablets. Infact, we tested it out on our Samsung Galaxy Tab which is an android tablet and it makes use of the extra real estate provided by the bigger screen. As said earlier, antivirus feature is just one of its many features. It scans all of your applications and games and makes sure they are free of malicious content.

avg antivirus

AVG antivirus keeps itself running in the background where it monitors your smartphone’s battery consumption and can even enable power saving feature automatically if the power levels go below a certain level.

It integrates like a charm with web browser and automatically scans the websites that have harmful content. Infact, if it feels that a particular URL is suspicious, it alerts you and auto-redirects you to a safe page. It works with both android’s main web browser as-well-as Google Chrome which is now the default browser in certain android phones.

avg antivirus android phone

Its wifi scanning feature ensures that you only connect to networks with high security levels. It also alerts you if the wifi passwords of your networks are weak. It prevents your phone getting infected from ARP poisoning where the attacker redirects you to a completely different URL and hacks or infects your phone.

Verdict – AVG antivirus for android is must have for all android and galaxy phone users. Without it, one would be putting their phone at risk and any fraudulent app can steal your data or corrupt everything that is on your phone.

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