How does data recovery work – An expert guide

The technique of recovering data from damaged hard disk drives, solid state drives, flash drives, RAID and other electronics is called data recovery. Data recovery is often required due to physical or logical damage to storage devices. The following information is provided by Adrian Jean, an expert in data recovery for Bristol and the surrounding areas.

raid data recovery

Logical and Physical Damage

Logical damage occurs when files have been damaged by accidental file deletion, partition deletion, or a virus attack. Physical damage is caused by incidents such as water or food damage, dropping, or electrical surges.

Physical repairs are completed in a room that is free of dust and other particles and maintained by special filters. Technicians use specialized tools for microscopic welding, electrical repair and hard drive assembly and repair. Logical repairs are generally completed by software programs that are designed to retrieve the tangible data once a device has been physically restored.

Three Phases to Data Recovery

Deep Repair is highly technical and specialized. This phase is for the most serious device failures. The technician must repair the drive’s control board and the sensitive internal moving parts. This is delicate electronic repair under a microscope for electronics and perhaps the substitution of other parts from identically matching donor drives.

Imaging is a specialized procedure that is used to carefully extract the sector contents and then store those images into a reliable and safe place. The imaging can be safely analyzed for all damage and frequently the original information can be restored.

Data recovery software is basically designed to look for data on drives that have problems such as read errors, accidental deletions, and formatting errors. Data recovery experts use specific software that works with equipment used for physical repair and imaging. There is also software that the average computer user can use to recover lost files from physically healthy drives.

Data loss technicians are trained to use state of the art tools for physical or electronic repair, imaging, and software recovery. Backing up data and storing it in an alternate place is one way to protect information from data loss. In the event that a device is damaged, it would be advantageous to find a technician or data recovery company that is technologically advanced and has a proven track record to insure safe data retrieval.

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