How to fix blurry pictures taken with your galaxy smartphone

It is sad to see that there is built in windows or mac utility to deblur photos. We take so many pictures with our phones and many of them turn out to be blurred. This is chiefly due to the fact that the subject was in moving state or may be the light conditions were not optimum. Or may be you have shaky hands? Unfortunately, we cannot fix the conditions but we can make blurry pictures clear using Movavi photo editor.
Movavi Photo Studio review

The Movavi photo editor is available for both windows and Mac operating systems. It is so simple to use that even if you have mediocre computer experience, you will feel very comfortable using it. Download it from its official website and install it by following onscreen instructions.

Fire it up and click on Browse for Images to add all the images that are blurred. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop them into the app window. Go to the adjust option and use the Sharpness slider to remove the fuzziness from the picture. Since the Movavi photo editor is a fully featured photo editor, you can do much more than that. You can fix blurry pictures plus do all kinds of adjustments to make your picture look better. For instance, you can increase or decrease the tint for that Instagram-like effect. You can also change the contrast and brightness levels.
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All the effects are done in real time so whatever you see on the left side of the window is how your image is going to look like later on. It is possible to undo an effect by clicking on the Undo button. If you like to start afresh, simply tap on the “revert to original” and all the effects done so far will be disregarded.
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After you are done editing the picture, you can click on the Export button to save the photo to your hard disk drive. See, that was not too difficult, was it?
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There are few other amazing functions too like ability to add text, captures and watermarks to the images. You can also flip, rotate, crop or straighten the picture. Compression feature is also present which lets you reduce the image size of a picture allowing you to free up storage.

We also adore its background replacement feature that lets you swap the background with another one. Just select your main object using green marker and background using red marker. The software will then let you remove the background and you can add a new one of your choice.

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