Movavi Photo Editor Review

There are lots of picture editors out there but not all of them user friendly. Most of them require in-depth computer knowledge to get work done but there are some that have excellent user interface and do not require you to be a computer expert. Out of those, my favourite is the Movavi photo editor which has the simplest UI yet offers most powerful set of features.

Movavi Photo Editor for Win

You can use this picture editor on any computer as it is compatible with both macintosh and windows operating systems. Latest version of windows, W10 is supported as well and so is the Ai Captain. Download and install it by getting the installers from official website. Installation should not more than a minute.

When installation is complete, start the application by double tapping on it. Now, to adjust the picture, click on the Adjust button on the right and start playing with the controls for brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, exposure, gamma, highlights, shadows and so on. Moving the slider to the right will increase the intensity of that effect while moving it to the left will decrease it.

The best part is that the effects done by Movavi photo editor are done in real time so the result you see by moving the slider is what you will get after pressing the Apply button. If you do not like effect you just applied to the image, you can roll back easily.

There are some basic image editing tools bundled as well. This includes cropping, flipping, straightening and resizing. Other amazing things to do include ability to change background of an image. This is incredibly helpful if there are some unwanted objects in the background. To do that, just mark the objects that you want to keep with a green marker. The objects that you want to remove shall be marked with red marker. Then, you will be able to swap the background with the one of your choice. So next time, if an unwanted person is there in your picture and you want to get rid of him, no need to hire an expert – just do it yourself with the Movavi photo editor.

Verdict – even if you have never edited a picture on computer in your life, we suggest giving Movavi photo editor a try. Its streamlined UX and powerful effects library will make you look like a pro with few mouse clicks.

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