Why Samsung Galaxy attracts more accessory marketers

If there were one area that some people may envy Apple users, it would be in the region of 3rd party accessories. The overwhelming deluge of cases, battery cases, home entertainment equipment, headphones and other items is one of many reasons why people choose to roll with iOS. Seriously, the 3rd party options are mind boggling!

samsung galaxy

Then I look at Android as a whole. It’s a wasteland in comparison. Looking for cases is a not easy at times. Finding compatible accessories is like going to a store where they only sale One-Size-Fits-All. At times, your only option is items that are simply generic or require wireless options. This at times can be very limiting and an exercise in frustration.

Only one Android device in recent times has had the amount of attention to rival Apples 3rd party accessory demand.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone

This device has so many fans, haters and tech journalists in such a stupefied rage; or have them simply scratching their heads.

‘How could Samsung rehash the same plastic phone?!’ And yet….everyone knows the answer: MARKETING!

When my Mother comes to me and says “have you heard of that new phone that tracks your eyes and your fitness”, the first thing I do is roll my eyes. However it just proves to me that these features impress people, they add more functionality to a phone. Now whether or not they turn out good is another question, however they’re smart ideas. Lots of people care about their health and want to track their exercise and their calls etc. etc. There are lots of apps for this already, however the average user will find it much easier to use this stuff already built into the phone.

Part of the reason why I bought an S3 rather than a Nexus 4 is the availability of Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories. I’m actually a fan of the S3 design but didn’t like the slippery back. Fortunately, a local online store sold the Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases. Its rubberized grip solved the problem. I don’t think there are Case Mate cases for Nexus 4.Most people do not care as well, speak to an average user and they could not care about if it is metal or plastic. Most women I see throw their iPhones in their handbag and get it all scratched up. Let’s also not forget that with the GS4 you can just buy Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases, there were loads of metal ones for the GS2 and 3 if that is important to you.

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