Using EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard to recover files on micro SD card

I use my Galaxy phone’s micro SD card for storing pictures, music, videos and applications. After two years of heavy use, my phone’s SD card suddenly died. I was able to see it on the computer but there were no files to be found. Then my friend recommended me to try an app called EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard. He said the tool can be used to recover those lost files easily.

I was told that I will be able to even recover formatted sd card which I thought had happened with the SD in my phone since I was able to read it fine on the computer but could not find any files. You can use it with any type of storage devices including SSD (solid state drive), hard disk drives, USB flash drives and of course SD card.

Using EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard to recover files on micro SD card

Just download it from the website and follow the instructions on the screen to install it. Then start the application and select the file type you want to recover. Since I wanted to recover the entire SD card, I selected all file types. Then click on the next button and select the SD card that got corrupted. If you do not pinpoint your SD card here, then the search process will be very long so we suggest specifying the drive / device before commencing the research process. 

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is clearly the best sd card recovery software out there since I was able to recover the photos, data and personal videos perfectly. The best part is that it is totally free of cost and works with all storage devices which makes it an amazing investment.

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