Which is the best video converter for Mac operating system for Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy phones are amazing smartphones and they work incredibly well with the windows operating system but what if you are using a Mac and want to convert videos on it for your phone? Let us find out.

The main criteria of choosing an video conversion app is that it should be able to convert and deal with all popular media codecs such as DVD, AVI, MP4, H.264, FLV, SWF, MPEG-1,2, MPEG-TS, WebM, OGV, RM, 3GP, MKV, WMV, and MOV which is more popularly known as QuickTime video. Second, the application should be ultra fast. If an app takes 90 minutes to convert a 90 minute video, we would not be able to recommend it. Only one video converter app satisfies all these criterias – the Movavi video converter.

Which is the best video converter for Mac operating system for Samsung Galaxy Phones

Just like its windows cousin,  the app offers an extremely simple to use interface that even a non-technical person can get used to it in no time. It is about 81 times faster than any media converter app. This entire process is done while preserving the quality, frame rate and bit rate.

It lets you encode not only standard definition and HD files but also 4K ultra HD video files. You can even upscale an SD video to HD. Support for audio file conversion is also there. So you can convert your old WMA files to MP3 or AAC by pressing just few buttons. This makes it the best video converter for mac for encoding video files for the Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

The Movavi app supports a wide variety of devices out there and it includes not only Samsung devices but also Apple’s iPhone and windows phones too. There are pre-defined presents bundled with it that includes settings for resolution and bitrate. It comes with some video conversion capabilities as well. For instance you can crop, edit or rotate the video within the app. The app is also capable of adjusting the brightness and contrast.

Installing the application is very easy and user friendly. Just download the Movavi video converter for Mac from their website and get the installer. The installer is in DMG format so just drag and drop it into the Applications.

Simply start the application and select your video files. Then select the destination folder for converted files and hit the Convert button. After you are done converting, simply connect your Samsung Galaxy device and copy-paste the files into the particular folder.

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