Samsung Galaxy Y Series news articles reviews and coverage.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5510

Samsung Galaxy Txt aka Y Pro is a low end device and comes with Android OS. The phone comes with  a QWERTY keyboard. You might want a bigger display than this. The phone supports multitouch. There is no provision for video calling and listening to radio.  Also missing is camera flash and autofocus. Specs:

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 has a friendly user interface and is powered with Android OS. The device is particularly useful for those people who think their smartphone usage capabilities are naive. The phone misses out on camera flash. The screen resolution is a bit disappointment. Also, the browser has no flash support. For those interested

Samsung Galaxy Y TV S5367

Samsung Galaxy Y TV S5367 is an Android powered phone targeted at the lower end of the market. The device has a Digital TV feature that lets you enjoy television on your palms. The phone has multitouch  and comes installed with Gingerbread. The Galaxy Y TV definitely scores on its light weight, but the internal